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How you can help.

Dear whoever may this concern,
         we're the parents of a 2.5 year old girl called May, who from
October 2012 fights with a serious neoplastic illness called

Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

. The illness is a collection of  other problems
involving blood and bone marrow, currently it's unknown wether May can be
cured. To this date our daughter already had a few rounds of chemotherapy
and is constantly given immunosuppresive drugs. May is still to face much
more chemotherapy in the future. The expected duration of therapy is 40
weeks, after which marrow transfer will begin.
 Little May's illness places financial barriers in our way, we require more
money which we don't  have enough of. The hospital in which May is being
treated is 200km(135 miles) from our home. The trips and medicine which is
very expensive need to be paid by ourselves. With this kind of illness, May
needs to take specially designed for her diet. We try our best to give our
child all the necessary equipment for May, to make her life as "normal" as
possible, but we can't manage alone. That's why we ask you to help us, any
kind of help would be appreciated and we thank you in advance for it.

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  1. 5th January 2013

    We took May for a blood test. The nurses had a hard time trying to get May
    still, and when they did and got the needle through her skin, the blood
    wasn't running. It worked on the second time but by then May was crying her
    eyes out, which hurt me. We have to give May another round of steroids,
    which we aren't happy about at all, but at least they have some effect. On
    top off all that May recently fell ill, she has a dry cough. Our doctor
    prescribed us a special syrup for May since the one our friend gave us
    isn't suitable, because of her illness. We're going to get the results at

    At 2:30 we have a meeting in the hospital. I'm going without May and I
    hope the doctors will be conciderate towards us, and won't create any
    problems. Overall... today made me a nervous wreck.

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